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  • I forgot my shoes/things etc. in the loft. What should I do?
    We have a Lost & Found Box in the entrance of the loft. You are welcome to simply pick up the forgotten items. We would appreciate not being contacted further about this
  • What robe should I wear?
    It is important that you feel comfortable and that you can move freely in the clothes. For certain classes, such as Contemporary Basic, it is recommended to wear long pants as some floor exercises are also performed. 
  • Can I have a sniff with you?
    Yes, you can. You are welcome to attend our courses at any time by booking a single ticket. You can also buy these directly from the teacher before class.
  • I would like to take a look, what is the possibility?
    You are welcome to come and have a look. With us, the taster is simply that you book a single ticket and visit a single hour, if you then decide on a semester ticket, the price of the single ticket will be deducted from the semester ticket price. 
  • I'm not sure what level of dance I am. How do I find the right course?
    Our courses are divided into 'beginner', 'intermediate' and 'advanced'. If you are unsure, you can try out the desired course with a single ticket. These can be booked on our website or directly before the lesson with the teacher.
  • Can I join a course during the semester?
    Yes. You can also contact the:the teacher:in advance and clarify what is required for the lesson.
  • How can I register for courses?
    On our website you will find all the offers for our courses. However, you can also buy a single ticket directly before the lesson from the teacher or by email at log in.
  • How do I find the loft?
    We have directions on our website:
  • What if I want to book a semester ticket after an individual course, will the individual course be deducted?
    Yes. The single hour will be deducted from the semester ticket price. 
  • Is there a student discount?
    No, unfortunately, we don't offer a discount for students.
  • I bought a season ticket or a semester ticket for 70 minutes but would like to attend a 90-minute course. What am I doing?
    Each longer hour has a surcharge of 2 euros more per unit, simply pay this on site (e.g. 60 to 70 €2 euros, 70 to 90 €2, 60 to 90 €4)
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