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CALL OUT Residencies 2023

Aktualisiert: 2. Nov. 2022



Fill in your proposal

Deadline for applications 16.10.2022 (1st half 2023)

Residencies that should happen in the 2nd half 2023 may also fill out the same form, deadline for 2nd half 2023: 16.02.2023

(no budget yet to be defined for 2nd half of 2023 - means: we are glad to provide residency space for you if we select your project, but we cannot yet give an expectation about an additional production fee.

REDSPATA Tanzfabrik / Sonnenstein LOFT is looking forRESIDENCY ARTISTS for the first part of the year 2023 (Jan-June).

The selected artist will be supported by studiospace for a 2 weeks residency period in the Sonnenstein Loft. The implementation of the residency can be done at once or stretched out between the period of 2 months (separate agreement).

The residency is focused entirely on supporting artists having a working space. The residency does not cover travel costs, per diems, artist fee nor further technical budget. However, two selected residency recipients will receive a residency fee of 1000€.

The resident artists are encouraged to hold either a workinprogress

studio-showing of the work or perform the full piece on given performance events.

The residency call out is focused on the field of dance. Exceptions are made on multidisciplinary projects including the body as a medium.

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