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Anni Taskula

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Anni Taskula


Anni Taskula (FIN), Freelance dance artist and culture producer Certified GYROKINESIS ® teacher Graduated in Culture Management (BA, Helsinki, 2012) and Stage Dance and Pedagogy (BA, Linz, 2015). Taskula has been based in Linz since 2011, and a member of RedSapata since 2014. She has been developing and co-organizing art events and festivals in- and outside of RedSapata, from some to mention Body Sound Space (Linz, 2013-2014), International ChoreoLab (Burgenland, 2013), Human Body, Expressions, Taboos (Salzburg, 2014) and East Point West – Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment (Kuala Lumpur 2018).  Taskula worked as a touring manager for the Salzburg based dance company BODHI PROJECT, assisted Kinetic Orchestra (FIN) and Sita Ostheimer (DE) in tour selling and production, collaborated with artists Rakesh Sukesh (IN), Vangelis Legakis (GR), Marje Hirvonen (FIN) and Josseline Black (USA), as well as developed artistic work for the Albanian Dance Theatre (Tirana) and the Linz based dance collective The Crew Dance Productions. She has been performing in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia and Taiwan, and further travelled through work in Morocco, South Korea, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Foto: Mick Morley

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