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Hygin Delimat/Body Architects: The B-Team -

Every villain is a hero in his own mind…

Project/Residency Timeframe:


Already last year, we started researching for The B-Team. It is going to be a new contemporary dance piece which in a comedic way portrays the masculinity of a group of four archetypal action heroes (who are strong, powerful, yet full of delusion, insecurities, and escalating conflicts between each other.)

> Method

As a choreographer, I am interested in a form on the intersection of forms. I see virtuosity of the contemporaneity in the places where they start to transcend over each other. As Body Architects, we are pursuing an idea of movement that is relevant nowadays, thus, investing ourselves and integrating to our expression the newest movement arts (tricking, breakdancing, calisthenics, hip-hop dance to mention a few). This piece is a natural continuation of our big body of research into athletics, physical partnering, (bodily) architecture and rhythm (as in House Beating or Architektur und Tanz). This time I want to approach it from an angle of physical theater and stand-up/slapstick comedy. I find humor crucial to the overall accessibility of the piece. Also, I am personally motivated by diving into the World of physical humor. In the process I want us to learn from the slapstick legacy of Charlie Chaplin, Rowan Atkinson, The Umbilical Brothers and see its contemporary application. Let’s make slapstick dance again!

> Team:

Body Architects is a new interdisciplinary performing arts company with dance at its core, founded by Hygin Delimat. It consists of athletic performers of mixed backgrounds who integrate influences of contemporary dance, contact improvisation together with the fresh movement arts: bboying, tricking, parkour, alongside musicians, visual artists, and other researching artists. The repertoire of works include an outdoor performance-installation House Beating, a performance-exhibition Architektur + Tanz, as well as the newly emerging dance work The B-Team / Body Building. Body Architects are extremely physical in their expression and they are on a quest for revealing poetry in places where forms intersect.

Hygin Delimat ist ein Choreograf, Performer und Licht Designer, der in Wien, Österreich und international lebt und arbeitet. Seine Ausbildung absolvierte an der Anton Bruckner Universität Linz (Zeitgenössischer Tanz / Movement Research M.A., Tanzpädagogik M.A.). Als Tänzer hat Hygin mit Elio Gervasi, Georg Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Rose Breuss, Juliette Villemin, Robert Clark und Johanna Roggan gearbeitet. 2013 wurde er für BKA StartStipendium und DanceWEB (Ivo Dimchev als Mentor) ausgewählt, 2015 für Linz Kunstförderstipendium, 2017 für BKA Auslandsstipendium in Portugal (Rui Horta als Mentor). Seine eigene choreographische Arbeiten sind in Österreich und in manchen Europäischen Ländern produziert und aufgeführt worden (Koproduktionen, Artists-in-Residence Programme: architekturforum oberösterreich, Aura Dance Theatre Lithauen, Komuna/Warszawa Polen, Trois C-L Luxembourg, O Espaco Do Tempo, EIRA/VOZ Lissabon, Derida Dance Center Bulgarien, Michael Douglas Kollektiv Köln, Klub Żak Gdańsk Polen) und auch in 32 Degrees East Kampala, Uganda. Besonders an der Interdisziplinarität interessiert, arbeitet Hygin mit Künstlerinnen aus diversen Kunstsparten, inklusive zeitgenössische Komposition (Hannes Kerschbaumer, Alexander Chernyshkov), visuelle Kunst oder neue Medien. In seiner künstlerischer Arbeit als Performer integriert Hygin philosophische Ansätze urbaner Bewegungskunst und somatischen Methoden.

Łukasz Czapski started to dance Breakdance in 1999 and a few years later formed the crew „Cats Claw“ with which he traveled in Poland, the United States, France, Great Britain, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany, entering and winning competitions. Łukasz got involved with the theater in my hometown Siedlce in Poland where he went on to perform and teach. After finishing the Master’s degree in Cultural Management Łukasz went to Austria to study contemporary dance at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. During this education he performed in the repertoire of Jarek Cemerek, Evangelos Poulinas and Jianan Qu. He danced professionally in works such as Jianan Qu’s Food projects better than emotions in Linz; in Hygin Delimat’s Architektur + tanz at AFO Architekturforum in Linz and Body Building in Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Luxemburg; in SILK Fluegge Company’s Leader in Linz, in Caro Dance Theater’s The Room in Poland and in Eine Nacht in Venedig in Landestheater Linz. Łukasz co-choreographed and performed We can not stop the river and How I see you with Alina Bertha at Lange nach der Buehnen 2017 and 2018 as well as at Tanzhafen Festival 2017. Now he lives in Vienna and works as a freelancer.

Marcin Denkiewicz is a professional dancer and aspiring stuntman. He was born in 1995 in Poland, Warsaw. His first contact with movement started during Judo classes when he was 7 years old. He attend many competitions and won many trophies. In 2006 he joined Roma Music Theatre. There, Marcin fell in love with stage and found his true passion. In 2007 as a dancer in Caro Dance Theatre he won multiple awards of championships in Poland, Europe and the World in Jazz, Modern and Show Dance categories. In 2010 he won first place in the World championship of the Jazz Dance Duo category. During “Sopot Festival 2014”, he worked as a dancer for famous music artists such as a Justyna Steczkowska and Remady. 2015, he enrolled in Anton Bruckner University in Austria where he studies Contemporary Dance B.A. Lately, in 2016 he became an acrobatics trainer at the trampoline park Hangar 646 in Warsaw. In 2017 he danced in “Eine Nacht in Venedig” by Musikteater Linz in Austria.

Voland Székely was born in Transylvania in 1991. Having started playing percussion instruments at the age of 8, he has been involved in many projects, ranging from Baroque music to punk, from solo classical to orchestra, from Jazz to contemporary music, from performance art to music production. His endeavours took him to venues in Romania, Hungary, Austria, China, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Croatia, to name a few. He is currently based in Linz, Austria, where he is active as a performer and educator. Going by the principle that everything is a potential instrument, Voland is set on using the entirety of his surroundings to make sound.

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