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Cachucha-Not Just A Spanish Dance -
Herbst 2020

“Earth itself is my country and therefore, all possible worlds are my relatives”-Abu al-Salt

Cachucha is understood as not only an engine of several corporealities but also the reflection of different societies, an artistic project which aim is to re-elaborate the narratives, signs and cultural and historical symbols inherited through the times. This project was born to create a dialogue between dance transversal thinking and interdisciplinary approaches by means of motivating fresh ideas and encouraging creativity. We believe that being able to mobilize a debate between anachronistic and contemporary artistic perspectives of composing can open new doors to imaginative mechanisms of creation. Furthermore, as contemporary artists we are using these compositional tools as a path to rediscover, select, and propose a different way of contemplating the identities’ construction, as human beings, in different contexts of this dance. We expect to propose a journey, an exodus, a departure that draws different lines of dialogue, of communication between us and the environments of CACHUCHA through a scenic proposal that addresses the idea of the total image across dance, light, sound and text.

> Team:

We are Emilio Manzano (artist and stage director) and Dolma Jover (Doctoral student at Anton Bruckner University Linz, contemporary dancer and dance teacher). After our cooperation in the piece, “Y Después?” which was premiered at the Posthof Theatre in Linz, Austria in 2017, we have decided to start a new collaboration, which focuses on the process of collaborative research on the dance of Cachucha and our relationship with this dance as contemporary artists.

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