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Nella Turki & Janis Heldmann -

Mind The Gap-Let me be you Cat – Is our work in progress name for this mess.

Project/Residency Timeframe:


We have been working with the ideas of normality and abnormality by playing with animal instincts (still kids, you are welcome too). The performance includes some dancy moves, playing and singing.

The residence artists Nella and Janis are opening the process of Mind the Gap- Let me be your Cat by inviting the participants to an exploration of animalistic movements and physical poetry. In this playful workshop the animal behaviours and movement qualities are combined with partnering, dance combinations as well as associative lyric making.

Nella Turki is a theatre maker and dancer from Finland, who is interested in multidisciplinary approaches in her creations and teaching. Janis Heldmann is a breakdance based dancer from Germany, who has been working in dance theatre and music projects internationally.

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