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Join the Community: Associated Artists

Become an Associated Artist at RedSapata Tanzfabrik

Become an Associated Artist at RedSapata Tanzfabrik

Artists can become Associated Artists or join the Artistic Circle and thereby have access to free or low-cost resources. You will get public presence on our channels (e.g. artist profile on our website) and you will stay informed about events and opportunities. As Associated Artist you have more benefits that include the use of rehearsal space and of our technology pool.​

You can find an overview of your options here.

Content of Membership/Associated Artists' Rights

Content of Membership / Associated Artists' Rights

  • Opportunity to participate and help shape the community

  • Artist Profile on our website and promoting your activities

  • Discounts on selected workshops/events

  • Networking with other artists at Associated Artists meetings

  • Free use of the rehearsal space



  • You are a freelance artist

  • You realize non-commercial, independent contemporary productions in the field of performing arts (especially dance)

  • You can identify with RedSapata Tanzfabrik and the idea of networking

  • You know the house rules and accept the regulations that are there to enable a rehearsal and course mode



  • You are considerate of other artists

  • You are considerate of the resources and infrastructure made available to you and understand that RedSapata is not a service point, but a association that is mainly voluntarily run and tries to make your productions and rehearsals possible, but promises no guarantee that all wishes and needs can be met.

  • Just as RedSapata Tanzfabrik represents its artists, you also represent RedSapata Tanzfabrik as an Associated Artist. It's important that mutual respect and appreciation are guaranteed between the board, Associated Artists and other stakeholders, both internally and externally.

How do I become an Associated Artist?

How do I become an Associated Artist?

Please fill out this Form.

It serves to register data as an associated artist and to collect information for the subsequent advertising of your artistic activities on our website! Your personal data will not be released, but your description about you/your activities! If you do not wish to be presented on the website, please let us know!

Please read the following information carefully (pdf downloads):

House rules_conditions


Finally, please send us a photo to: (for the website profile)

What happens after registration?

What happens after registration?

  • The Board decides on your acceptance as an Associated Artist. If the decision is positive, you will receive the following information as an Associated Artist:

  • We will send you a link where you can see the timetable of RedSapata Tanzfabrik and you can then (if necessary) search for and request rehearsal times

  • With this form you can create your artist profile on our website.

  • You will receive a payment order for the Associated Artist Access fee in form of an electronic invoice (Basic: 70€ per month; Active: 120€ per year)

  • An artist profile will be created on the homepage (takes up to 4 weeks after admission).

  • Your phone number will be added to our private Signal Groups ("ARTIST ACCESS SonnensteinLOFT" and "INFO Sonnensteinloft").

The "ARTIST ACCESS" group serves to communicate with each other and is intended so that current Associated Artists who reserve, book or cancel a room at very short notice can inform other Associated Artists about the room capacities that are available at short notice. This group makes the organization easier for us and helps the Associated Artists to get rehearsal space at short notice.

The "INFO" group is used to share important information about the community, the space and the events of the RedSapata Tanzfabrik as well as interesting information such as job offers, funding opportunities and events that could be relevant to the community.

If you don't want to be part of these groups, please let us know.


Later on you can keep us up to date on your activities at any time!

If you would like us to post appointments or information via Facebook or include it in the newsletter, please send us the respective links/information.

For Facebook: we only pass through your postings, no entries are created for members (with exceptions if necessary).

For the newsletter: Announce information at least 3 weeks in advance!

Use of the Rehearsal Space

Use of the Rehearsal Space

  • In the calendar link (sent to you incl. password after you have been accepted as an Associated Artist) look for the desired rehearsal periods & check the availability

  • Booking: send a Message with the desired rehearsal periods via the calendar form (link below the timetable) or by e-mail to

  • Max. duration of reservations (bookings): 4 hours per day - if more time is needed, just indicate the need. We are also happy to reserve more time, but only 4 hours are guaranteed, so: specify which 4 hours should be guaranteed; the remaining time is variable and can be canceled by us 48 hours in advance via SMS (which can only happen in urgent cases). Residency guests get larger contingent of hours, since there rehearsal times are blocked.

  • Bookings are with costs, but at reduced prices for Associated Artists (see pdf). Short-term use of the rehearsal space is free for members!


We can be reached at different times. The phone is staffed Monday to Thursday from 10am to 12am, however we may need to call back as there are many people and tasks on site that need our attention. Therefore we prefer inquiries via email:

Contact via email (preferred):

(general, art, events, use of space)

(Classes & Workshops - Joel Teodoro)

(Events, Curated Programs - Anni Taskula)

(Community - Mirjam Stadler; International Requests, Residencies - Aleksandra Krzekotowska)

Telephone (in urgent cases): +43 681 20431220

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